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<!-- $FreeBSD$ -->

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; String manipulation functions
(define (split-string-to-list STR)
  ;; return list of STR separated with char #\ or #\,
  (if (string? STR)
      (let loop ((i (string-delim-index STR)))
        (cond ((equal? (cdr i) '()) '())
              (else (cons (substring STR (list-ref i 0) (- (list-ref i 1) 1))
                          (loop (cdr i))))))

(define (string-delim-index STR)
  ;; return indexes of STR separated with char #\ or #\,
  (if (string? STR)
      (let ((strlen (string-length STR)))
        (let loop ((i 0))
          (cond ((= i strlen) (cons (+ strlen 1) '()))
                ((= i 0)      (cons i (loop (+ i 1))))
                ((or (equal? (string-ref STR i) #\ )
                     (equal? (string-ref STR i) #\,)) (cons (+ i 1) (loop (+ i 1))))
                (else (loop (+ i 1))))))

(define (string-list-match? STR STR-LIST)
  (let loop ((s STR-LIST))
     ((equal? s #f) #f)
     ((equal? s '()) #f)
     ((equal? (car s) #f) #f)
     ((equal? STR (car s)) #t)
     (else (loop (cdr s))))))

; Deal with conditional inclusion of text via entities.
  (let* ((arch (attribute-string (normalize "arch")))
	 (for-arch (entity-text "arch")))

     ; If arch= not specified, then print unconditionally.  This clause
     ; handles the majority of cases.
     ((or (equal? arch #f) (equal? arch ""))

     ; arch= specified, see if it's equal to "all".  If so, then
     ; print unconditionally.  Note that this clause could be
     ; combined with the check to see if arch= wasn't specified
     ; or was empty; they have the same outcome.
     ((equal? arch "all")

     ; arch= specified.  If we're building for all architectures,
     ; then print it prepended with the set of architectures to which
     ; this element applies.
     ; XXX This doesn't work.
;     ((equal? for-arch "all")
;      (sosofo-append (literal "[") (literal arch) (literal "] ")
;		     (process-children)))

     ; arch= specified, so we need to check to see if the specified
     ; parameter includes the architecture we're building for.
     ((string-list-match? for-arch (split-string-to-list arch))

     ; None of the above
     (else (empty-sosofo)))))

; We might have some sect1 level elements where the modification times
; are significant.  An example of this is the "What's New" section in
; the release notes.  We enable the printing of pubdate entry in
; sect1info elements to support this.
(element (sect1info pubdate) (process-children))

    <![ %output.print; [
; Put URLs in footnotes, and put footnotes at the bottom of each page.
      (define bop-footnotes #t)
      (define %footnote-ulinks% #t)

    <![ %output.html; [
	<!-- Convert " ... " to `` ... '' in the HTML output. -->
	(element quote
	  (make sequence
	    (literal "``")
	    (literal "''")))

        <!-- Specify how to generate the man page link HREF -->
        (define ($create-refentry-xref-link$ #!optional (n (current-node)))
          (let* ((r (select-elements (children n) (normalize "refentrytitle")))
                 (m (select-elements (children n) (normalize "manvolnum")))
                 (v (attribute-string (normalize "vendor") n))
                 (u (string-append "http://www.FreeBSD.org/cgi/man.cgi?query="
                         (data r) "&" "sektion=" (data m))))
            (case v
              (("xfree86") (string-append u "&" "manpath=XFree86+&release.manpath.xfree86;" ))
              (("netbsd")  (string-append u "&" "manpath=NetBSD+&release.manpath.netbsd;"))
              (("ports")   (string-append u "&" "manpath=FreeBSD+&release.manpath.freebsd-ports;"))
              (else        (string-append u "&" "manpath=FreeBSD+&release.manpath.freebsd;")))))

      (define (toc-depth nd)
        (if (string=? (gi nd) (normalize "book"))


  <external-specification id="docbook" document="freebsd.dsl">