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    1. Building

    Copy config.in file to the config.local and edit it for your needs. Build
process requires kernel sources in order to compile KLD module. If you want
to use encrypted passwords you'll need an src/sys/crypto directory (sys-crypto
cvsup collection) because encryption process involves DES algorithm.

    Note for FreeBSD-current: it have kernel module sources in the base
tree and requires options LIBMCHAIN and LIBICONV included in the kernel
config file. smbfs can be either compiled in the kernel or loaded as module.

    If FreeBSD machine and SMB server uses different character sets you
may consider install ports/converters/iconv package (version 2.0 required).

    Type 'make' to compile.
    If you're running any previous version of smbfs, unmount all mounted
shares and unload an old module via 'kldunload smbfs' command.

    2. Installing

    'make install' command will copy compiled binaries to /usr/local/bin
directory and KLD module into /modules directory.

    If you're running smbfs for the first time, it is also necessary to
run 'make makedev' command in order to create /dev/nsmb0 device.

    3. Configuring

    KLD module can be loaded either manually:
    kldload smbfs.ko

 or via loader.conf(5) file:


    However it is not strictly necessary because mount_smbfs(8) command
will load it automatically.

    Copy ./examples/dot.nsmbrc file into your home directory with ./.nsmbrc
name and edit it for your needs.

    4. Running

    Please read mount_smbfs man page to get overview of command options.

    Here is a quick example:

	mount_smbfs -I hostname //bp@myserver/myshare /mnt

    If something goes wrong, please try to find a problem and, if it is a bug
 send me detailed description or patch. Before complaining about a bug, please
 check the same operations with smbclient program included in the Samba package.

    5. Deinstalling

    All files can be completly removed by typing 'make deinstall' in the 
working directory.