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22.07.2002	1.4.5 (bug fix only)
    - Some iconv libraries may refuse to recode some characters. This
      caused problems with translation between server and local charsets.

16.04.2002	1.4.4
    - Workaround for W2K bug in resource listing.
    - Minor bug fixes.
    - Manual pages updated. Thanks to Ruslan Ermilov.

26.12.2001	1.4.3 (interim)
    - Additional cleanups for FreeBSD builds.
    - Charset specifications now accepted in the [default] section.

20.12.2001	1.4.2 (interim)
    - Various merges (but not all) from Darwin project.
    - Minor man pages corrections.
    - Support builds in the FreeBSD main tree.

16.04.2001	1.4.1
    - Kernel side of smbfs committed in the FreeBSD-current. It controlled
      by following options: LIBMCHAIN, LIBICONV, NETSMB, NETSMBCRYPTO and SMBFS.
    - Removed static dependency on the libiconv library, option WITH_ICONV
      removed as well. If you use libiconv support, make sure that the latest
      port is installed.
    - Multiple mount/umount operations called in parallel can cause kernel
      panic - fixed.
    - Misc code cleanups.

26.02.2001	1.3.6
    - Names of some options is the config.mk.in file are changed. The old ones
      are still supported.
    - Synch with changes in the recent -current (you'll need kernel compiled
      from sources at least as of Feb 24).
    - In all previous versions of smbfs signals weren't properly masked,
      which caused erratical behavior of some programs (ftp(1) for example).
    - Mounted shares may become "frozen" (no timeout occurs) if server died or
      disconnected for some reason - fixed.

09.02.2001	1.3.5
    - The user and server names was swapped in the "TreeConnect"
      request (fixed by Jonathan Hanna).
    - smb requester could cause a panic if there is no free mbufs - fixed.
    - It is possible to use smbfs with devfs now, but it wasn't tested under
      SMP. Also note that device permissions will be wrong, because devfs
      do not allow passing of credentials to the cloning function.
    - nsmbX device moved from the /dev/net directory to /dev directory.

31.01.2001	1.3.4
    - Maintance: synch with changes in the recent -current

28.01.2001	1.3.3
    - Connection handling engine rewritten in order to reduce number of
      possible deadlocks during reconnect operations.
    - Directory traversals should be faster on large directories.
    - smbfs now can talk to the NetApp servers (thanks to Jonathan Hanna).
    - smbfs.sh.sample script updated (ideas from Nikolai Saoukh).
    - Minor bug fixes.

19.11.2000	1.3.2
    - synch with changes in the recent -current
    - nail down a nasty bug which may cause incorrect values supplied as
      domain name (reported by Harald Weis).
    - There was a bug in the directory listing code which caused long directory
      traversals to fail (reported by A G F Keahan).

29.10.2000	1.3.1
    - An attempt was made to get rid from the possible kernel stack overflow.
    - Now connection will be restored properly under -stable.
    NOTE: NT servers have an 'AutoDisconnect' feature which will drop client
    connection after some time of idleing. smbfs will restore connection on
    the next request, but one may wish to setup a cron job with a simple
    'ls /ntmount' command.

20.10.2000	1.3.0
    - Network IO engine significantly reworked. Now it uses kernel threads
      to implement 'smbiod' process which handles network traffic for each VC.
      Previous model were incapable to serve large number of mount points and
      didn't work well with intensive IO operations performed on a different
      files on the same mount point. Special care was taken on better 
      usage of MP systems.
      Unfortunately, kernel threads aren't supported by FreeBSD 3.X and for
      now it is excluded from the list of supported systems.
    - Reduce overhead caused by using single hash table for each mount point.

26.09.2000	1.2.8 (never released)
    - More SMP related bugs are fixed.
    - Make smbfs compatible with the Linux emulator.
    - smbfs now known to work with IBM LanManager (special thanks to
      Eugen Averin <mad@euinf.dp.ua>)
    - Fix problem with files bigger than 2GB (reported by Lee McKenna)
    - Please note that smbfs may not work properly with FreeBSD 3.X.

16.08.2000	1.2.7
    - Maintance: use better algorithm to detect SYSCTL_HANDLER_ARGS changes
      to avoid compilation problems on various versions of FreeBSD.

07.08.2000	1.2.6
    - Fix iconv support, was broken in the 1.2.5
    - Minor corrections to 'smbutil view' command.
    - Fix kernel memory leak caused by two subsequent and identical
      'smbutil login' commands.

25.07.2000	1.2.5
    - NetBIOS name resolver added. '-I' option still supported. WINS server
      can be specified in the nsmbrc file (nbns variable). To use resolver
      with Win9X machines you have to specify WINS server in the config file.

12.07.2000	1.2.4
    - Variable SRCTREE in the config.mk replaced with SYSDIR and should
      point to the sys directory. '/usr/src/sys' for example.
    - Correct problem with the keep-alive packets

04.07.2000	1.2.3
    - Killed some bugs related to the out-of-mbufs condition.
    - new keyword 'addr' added to the config file to specify server address.
    - Another attempt to make reconnection procedure more stable.

21.06.2000	1.2.2
    - Device handles wasn't freed under FreeBSD 3.4 - fixed.
      Implement correct handling of multiple connections to the same NT
      server (thanks to kit <kit.mitchell@team.xtra.co.nz>) for report.
      More misc fixes for an NT servers.

11.06.2000	1.2.1
    - More bug fixes in the connection handling mechanism.
      mount_smbfs(8) manpage has now proper description for an '-N' option.
      smbutil supports new commands:
	'print'	- send file to the remote printer
	'view'	- list shares available on the specified host
	'login'	- create permanent connection to remote host
	'logout'- counterpart of 'login'
	'crypt'	- produce an encrypted password to store in the .nsmbrc file.

01.06.2000	1.1.2
    - Support for FreeBSD 3.4 added (see INSTALL file for details).
      Add advisory locking support in order to make fcntl(2), flock(2)
      system calls actually work on smbfs.
      Few non-serious bugs fixed.

16.05.2000	1.0.5
    - fix authentication code, this caused troubles with NT server.
      (Thanks to Neil Blakey-Milner and Andrew Zavjalov for testing)
      Some documentation changes.

14.05.2000	1.0.2
    - first public release

Boris Popov <bp@butya.kz>