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@setfilename ntptrace.info
@settitle Ntptrace User's Manual
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This file documents the use of @code{ntptrace},
a program from the NTP Project
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* ntptrace: (ntptrace).                 Trace the ntp server to the primary time source.
@end direntry

@title ntptrace User's Manual
@subtitle ntptrace, version @value{VERSION}, @value{UPDATED}
@c @author Max @email{foo@ntp.org}
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@node Top, ntptrace Description, (dir), (dir)
@top Simple Network Time Protocol User Manual

This document describes the use of the NTP Project's @code{ntptrace} program.
This document applies to version @value{VERSION} of @code{ntptrace}.


* ntptrace Description::            Description
* ntptrace Invocation::		    Invoking ntptrace
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