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there was a patch for fwtk with ip_filter 3.1.5 from James B. Croall
(thanx for his work) which I put onto fwtk 2.0beta.

Now, if you decide to do transparent proxying with ip-filter you
have to put -DUSE_IP_FILTER to COPTS in Makefile.config.
With Solaris 2.x you have to correctly replace the path to your
ip_filter sources. (lib/hnam.c needs ip_nat.h)

I also patched plug-gw to be configured to accept not only one
destination with the parameter "-all-destinations" in netperm-table.
Perhaps this is a security hole...

The patched fwtk worked fine for me with linux (kernel 2.0.28 and ipfadm 2.1)
and Solaris 2.5 (ip_filter 3.1.5).

If you try to enhance the transparent proxy features for other
architectures, see lib/hnam.c (getdsthost).

Michael Kutzner, Michael.Kutzner@paderlinx.de