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OpenBSM 1.1


OpenBSM is an open source implementation of Sun's BSM event auditing file
format and API.  Originally created for Apple Computer by McAfee Research,
OpenBSM is now maintained by volunteers and through the generous contribution
of several organizations.

OpenBSM includes several command line tools, including auditreduce(8) and
praudit(8) for reducing and printing audit trails, as well as the libbsm(3)
library to manage configuration files, generate audit records, and parse and
print audit trils.

Coupled with a kernel audit implementation, OpenBSM can be used to maintain
system audit streams, and is a foundation for a full audit-enabled system.
Portions of OpenBSM, including include files and token-building routines, are
reusable in a kernel audit implementation, and may be found in the FreeBSD
and Mac OS X kernels.


OpenBSM consists of several directories:

    bin/           Audit-related command line tools
    bsm/           Library include files for BSM
    compat/        Compatibility code to build on various operating systems
    etc/           Sample /etc/security configuration files
    libauditd      Common audit management functions for auditd and launchd
    libbsm/        Implementation of BSM library interfaces and man pages
    man/           System call and configuration file man pages
    modules/       Directory for auditfilterd module source
    sys/           System include files for BSM
    test/          Test token sets and geneneration program
    tools/         Tool directory, including audump to dump databases

The following programs are included with OpenBSM:

    audit          Command line audit control tool
    auditd         Audit management daemon
    auditfilterd   Experimental event monitoring framework
    auditreduce    Audit trail reduction tool
    audump         Debugging tool to parse and print audit databases
    praudit        Tool to print audit trails

  Build and Installation

Please see the file INSTALL for build and installation instructions.


The TrustedBSD Project would appreciate the contribution of bug fixes, 
enhancements, etc, under identically or substantially similar licenses to 
those present on the remainder of the OpenBSM source code.  Please see the
file CREDITS to learn more about who has contributed to the project.


Information on OpenBSM may be found on the OpenBSM home page:


Information on TrustedBSD may be found on the TrustedBSD home page:


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