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$NetBSD: NEWS,v 1.9 2013/05/05 13:53:38 lukem Exp $

This is tnftp version 20130505.

Changes in tnftp from 20100108 to 20130505:

	Support https:// fetch if OpenSSL is available and enabled.

	Allow -R to restart non-existent ftp:// URIs.

	Parse HTTP 'Date' entries in the `C' locale rather than the user's.

	When using the response to SYST to decide whether to default
	to 'binary' be a lot less specific.

	Portability fixes.

Changes in tnftp from 20091122 to 20100108:

	Portability fixes.

Changes in tnftp from 20090606 to 20091122:

	Portability fixes.

Changes in tnftp from 20090520 to 20090606:

	Portability fixes.

Changes in tnftp from 20070806 to 20090520:

	Fix intermittent "Alarm clock" error.

	Add epsv6 and epsv to disable extended passive mode for IPv6 or
	both IPv4 and IPv6 respectively.

	Improve parsing of HTTP chunked transfers per RFC2616.

	Use the service name to getaddrinfo() (along with the host name),
	so that features such as DNS Service Discovery will work.

	Fix various compiler warnings.

Changes in tnftp from 20050625 to 20070806:

	Implement '-s srcaddr' to set the local IP address for
	all connections.

	Support '-q quittime' when waiting for server replies.

	Use IEC 60027-2 "KiB", "MiB" (etc) instead of "KB", "MB", ...

	Portability fixes, including for FreeBSD, Mac OS X, and Solaris.