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This contains various notes used to import a new OpenSSL version into
the FreeBSD base system.  It is not expected to be complete but just to
contain some hints for imports.  Note that this doesn't actually deal
with getting OpenSSL to compile...

setenv OSSLVER 0.9.8e
# OSSLTAG format: v0_9_8e
setenv OSSLTAG v`echo ${OSSLVER} | tr . _`
fetch  http://www.openssl.org/source/openssl-${OSSLVER}.tar.gz \
gpg --verify openssl-${OSSLVER}.tar.gz.asc openssl-${OSSLVER}.tar.gz
tar xf openssl-${OSSLVER}.tar.gz
mv openssl-${OSSLVER} openssl
cd openssl
find . -type l -delete
sh -c 'while read glob ; do rm -rvf $glob ; done' </usr/src/crypto/openssl/FREEBSD-Xlist
# Check for new files
cvs -n import src/crypto/openssl OPENSSL x | grep \^N
cvs import -m "Vendor import of OpenSSL ${OSSLVER}." src/crypto/openssl OPENSSL ${OSSLTAG}
cvs checkout -j<prev_rel_tag> -j${OSSLTAG} src/crypto/openssl
# Resolve conflicts manually
cd src/crypto/openssl
cvs ci -m "Resolve conflicts after import of OpenSSL ${OSSLVER}."

cd ../../secure
# Do something so it actually compiles...
# Update version number in lib/libcrypto/Makefile.inc
cd lib/libcrypto
make man-makefile-update && make man-update
cd ../libssl
make man-makefile-update && make man-update
cd ../../usr.bin/openssl
make man-makefile-update && make man-update
cd ../..
cvs add lib/libcrypto/man/*.3 lib/libssl/man/*.3 usr.bin/openssl/man/*.1
cvs update
# check for files not added
cvs ci -m "Upgrade to OpenSSL ${OSSLVER}."

					-- simon@