BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mainAdd cd device to arm64 GENERICEd Maste5 hours
stable/11MFC r366064, r366065, r366215: sbin/fsck_msdosfs: Fix an integerXin LI16 hours
stable/12MFC r366064, r366065, r366215: sbin/fsck_msdosfs: Fix an integerXin LI16 hours
releng/12.2MFS r365996:Mitchell Horne20 hours
releng/11.3Add UPDATING entries and bump version.Gordon Tetlow2 weeks
releng/12.1Add UPDATING entries and bump version.Gordon Tetlow2 weeks
releng/11.4Add UPDATING entries and bump version.Gordon Tetlow2 weeks
stable/9MFC r363988:Dimitry Andric7 weeks
stable/10MFC r363988:Dimitry Andric7 weeks
stable/8MFC r362623:Dimitry Andric3 months
release/11.4.0src-release/11.4.0.tar.gz  src-release/11.4.0.zip  Glen Barber4 months
release/12.1.0src-release/12.1.0.tar.gz  src-release/12.1.0.zip  Glen Barber11 months
release/11.3.0src-release/11.3.0.tar.gz  src-release/11.3.0.zip  Glen Barber15 months
release/12.0.0src-release/12.0.0.tar.gz  src-release/12.0.0.zip  Glen Barber22 months
release/11.2.0src-release/11.2.0.tar.gz  src-release/11.2.0.zip  Glen Barber2 years
release/10.4.0src-release/10.4.0.tar.gz  src-release/10.4.0.zip  Marius Strobl3 years
release/11.1.0src-release/11.1.0.tar.gz  src-release/11.1.0.zip  Glen Barber3 years
release/11.0.1src-release/11.0.1.tar.gz  src-release/11.0.1.zip  Glen Barber4 years
release/11.0.0src-release/11.0.0.tar.gz  src-release/11.0.0.zip  Glen Barber4 years
release/10.3.0src-release/10.3.0.tar.gz  src-release/10.3.0.zip  Marius Strobl4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
5 hoursAdd cd device to arm64 GENERICHEADmainEd Maste1-0/+1
9 hoursFix the inverted condition in mtx_asserts.Michal Meloun1-3/+3
10 hoursRemove nfsstat. Running nfsstat in crashinfo will give the stats of theAlexander Leidinger1-6/+0
10 hourscache: properly report ENOTDIR on foo/bar lookups where foo is a fileMateusz Guzik1-0/+9
14 hoursUpdate nvi to 2.2.0-05ed8b9Baptiste Daroussin45-147/+243
14 hoursImport nvi 2.2.0-05ed8b9refs/vendor/nvi/2.2.0-05ed8b9Baptiste Daroussin44-142/+242
18 hoursDo a sweep and remove most WARNS=6 settingsKyle Evans99-137/+2
18 hoursModify the NFSv4.2 VOP_COPY_FILE_RANGE() client call to return after oneRick Macklem1-14/+12
18 hoursClip the "len" argument to vn_generic_copy_file_range() at aRick Macklem1-2/+12
22 hourspciconf: print PCIe CTL max read request.Konstantin Belousov1-0/+24